Wes McKinley is running for his 4th term as State Representative from HD64. Wes stood up as the foreman of the famous Rocky Flats Grand Jury way back in 1989. That started him on his long path of commitment to public service that continues today. McKinley's story is told in video and links, presented here for your convenience. Learn why Rep. Wes McKinley deserves your support in the upcoming November election.

Rocky Flats, a Wikipedia history for in-depth coverage. You'll be amazed.

Ambushed (from this website)

Rocky Flats, Recent update, Part 1

Rocky Flats, Recent update, Part 2

Wes is now running for his 4th term in the Colorado House. His Republican opponent has loaned her campaign $52,000. Having been a Representative for the past 6 years, Wes can't afford to make that kind of a loan - so he needs your help.

Times are tough in this drought-stricken region (District 64 is huge, covering over 5000 square miles in the southeast corner of Colorado) and funds are hard to come by. The best way for McKinley to reach the District 64 voters is through cable TV, which, of course, costs money. The McKinley campaign needs to raise thousands to get one of these ads on TV. Please note that the "paid for" at the end of these 30 sec. ads is in anticipation of paying for TV time.



Grandpa Wes

When a fire broke out at Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site recently, Wes held a press conference.

 To raise awareness of Pinon Canyon issues, Wes took his legislative colleagues on a trial ride. See the news report here.

If you believe in the US and Colorado Constitutions, property and water rights, and less government interference in our lives, you need to keep Wes McKinley in the Colorado House of Representatives, standing up for all of us in Colorado.

Right now, the best way to support Wes McKinley is to send his campaign a check. Send $50 or $100 if you can afford it. All amounts will be greatly appreciated.

Wesley McKinley for State Representative
200 Park Street
Springfield, CO 81073

If you've made it this far, you deserve a little entertainment. In this clip, Billy Whitfield, long-time McKinley supporter and musician sidekick, gives Wes a little lesson.